Request for international protection and legal and financial assistance

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I dedicate this request to my deceased father, who devoted his whole mind to me and he taught me to love to work, who has flagged the European flag when Slovenia joins the EU and will never know how much he was mistaken and who hated communists and drunks from the bottom of his soul!

Pavla Murekar
Polanškova 23 (only formal)
SI-1000 Ljubljana


10 Downing Street


Subject: Request for international protection and legal and financial assistance


Dear ladies and gentlemen,

On 11.06.2018, the executor Boris Letnar, who has no activity and no public authority under the law, but has 209,893.80 EUR public payments, which is small against the largest Slovenian executor, Hojs, with almost 5 million EUR public payments, from the Slovenian courts, on the basis of notification that it will be in the enforcement procedure conducted by the District Court in Ljubljana under the app. no. I 1518/2018 (which means that only the District Court in Ljubljana in the first half of 2018 had more than 1500 real estate executions!) for the creditor Šumer, the company for production, trade and services d.o.o., which has more than 10 million EUR of public payments by public authorities which are no payers under the law, against the debtor Pavla Murekar, Polanškova ulica 23, 1231 Ljubljana, which is by the way a personal information that is not public, due to the request of 0,00 EUR on the basis of a decision on execution issued by the District Court in Ljubljana on 25 May 2018, carried out the emptying and extradition of property in the possession of the creditor, entered into my apartment, which is my ownership under note ID 14031539 ex officio, which has no legal effect and for judges of the District Court in Ljubljana with a low collective IQ means, they can confiscate it, which I bought 30 years ago and paid with my work on projects in Iraq, Germany and Russia, which is above all mine (!), on which my address and the address of my company are also bounded and emptied it completely within two days, including all machines and appliances, furniture, paintings and flowers, things and stuff and carried it away to the rented warehouse in Slovenske Konjice where I could took my personal belongings together with the mouse excrements for payment! By being almost over a week in a scarf and a dress I had on myself. The maid who runs the executing office has requested to sign a blank record for my belonging in advance and that I will not “screw” them. Otherwise she will call the Centre for Social Work who will attend when taking my things! So, at the age of 60, I became homeless without a roof over my head, without address, without documents and without incomes. As this means that life in the European Union has become dangerous, I ask you for international protection to be able to leave the EU under the protection of the UK, address for opening a firm and registering a car so that it will not be confiscated, legal aid for myself and for more than thousand legal and physical persons who are being destroyed by the system, to charge the European Parliament and the Council, which have adopted the acts implemented by our system, and for financial assistance so that we can survive until the payment of compensation!
With the introduction of “capitalism” our society, which did not internalize the values, capitulated! Since 2004, nothing has worked anymore. Nothing was foreseeable. There was a pure anarchy, which means the sale of private property and the complete destruction of Slovenes. When Slovenia entered the European Union in 2004, its officials called only one man, Branko Masleša, at that time President of the Judicial Council, who praised a soldier at the border with Italy at the time serving as a prosecutor in Nova Gorica for killing a man, who wanted to leave communism, by shooting him in the middle of his forehead, what means he did not flee (!), a judge who never judged and who does not understand that judges are exclusively subject to the laws prescribed by the state. Branko Masleša convened the Judicial Council and invited the Presidents of the District and Higher Courts and gave them instructions to introduce the law of “recognized” lawyers in 2004 and to remove the appeal. For citizens of the Republic of Slovenia this means that every of the attorneys paid by the state may at any time file a motion for enforcement of the proceeds, cash, movable property and immovable property of legal entities and physical persons, and obtains that the court will sell them and empty them for the benefit of a creditor appointed by him with a decision, with which they the citizens of the Republic of Slovenia cause irreversible misery and suffering.

In order to exercise full control over citizens, the courts employed hundreds of assistants who, like Branko Masleša, are of origin non-Slovenian or are relatives, who do not have any powers under the law, and therefore can’t be paid from the budget, for which all courts in the state, including the Supreme and Constitutional Courts, terribly charged with subscribers. Only the Supreme Court, which has no jurisdiction other than the decision on extraordinary legal remedies, has paid over 210 million EUR of public payments since 2004, which are taxable and do not have a basis in the law, 53 million EUR to themselves, 45 million EUR for salaries, tens of millions of EUR to all District and High Courts, more than 2 million EUR for copyright contracts concluded with themselves, numerous individuals and private companies not under the control of the Financial Administration, thus creating a privileged class, which of course do not complain because they do not have to!

Publication of Council Directive 2006/112 / EC of 11.12.2006 concerning a single value added tax with ordinary (67) pointless introductory points, which has no substantive basis in Article 93 of the Treaty, which is no longer (to earlier Articles of the Treaty refer only people who do not understand what is the essence of a contract, which is not a variable!), by which the Council introduced a tax on the forced sale of real estate, although it did not force it in civil law, which means that it is fictitious, paid by the “seller” means the disintegration of the system. Unelected EU officials ordered the Slovenian Constitutional Courters to adopt a constitutional decision which does not have a substantive legal basis in the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia, which means that it is illegal to impose the adoption of a law by the legislator by introducing a 2% tax on the sale of real estate that is not a legal concept contrary to the Single Value Added Tax Directive paid by the “seller” in benefit of municipalities which are not tax-payable under the law (Article 142 of the Constitution) which is less than 5% and which of 1.1 .2011 is not allowed (Article 129 of the Directive)! The essence of the Directive, which was transferred to the Value Added Tax Act – ZDDV-1, which is a general legal act, is the voluntary payment of value added tax, which is the only tax under the Law on Value Added Tax taxable person within 30 days after the end of the accounting period indicated in the tax return. Where non-payment of value added tax means a criminal offense of tax evasion (Article 249 CC-1), which is prosecuted ex officio when the state is represented by a State prosecutor’s office.
This means that all 200,000 tax enforcement per year including the sale of real estate and the seizure of movable property of the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, which do not have a basis in the taxation law, are illegal. This means also that all tax decisions on the execution of non-tax contributions executed by the ladies who works at the Financial Offices, which by the way are not bodies (the authority is only the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, which, you will not believe, is a taxable person!) who do not have no power on the basis of the law and act exclusively from the position of power when someone, who is chosen as a victim, needs to be sold with the help of a court of property (this is so far that they are selling the apartments of people who are being treated for cancer only because they dared to object to the sale of the land) or to propose bankruptcy because they do not need to understand that a state that can’t be a creditor under the law so that they can’t pay anything to the detriment of the individual, let alone the costs of bankruptcy to a court that is a state body, which is paid from the budget, which means that, like the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, it does not have the costs, and the seizures of former customs officers who, with the exception of innate primitiveness, were never obliged to show anything, who are allegedly “tax debtors” in the hope of getting rid of the embezzle, are also provided by the girls on the call, who do not have a substantive legal basis in the taxation law, completely unlawful!

With the Law on Real Estate Transfer Tax, which does not have a basis in the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia, Slovenia has introduced a free transfer of real estate that can’t be transferred; the only way to acquire a real estate is on the basis of a sales contract, which means that only the buyer who has a land register permit of the owner and a certificate that the property was paid a value added tax for the benefit of the state, or the final decision on inheritance and paid value added tax for heirs who are not heirs of the first inheritance order, which means that deciding on the sales tax of immovable property by a decision which is a concrete legal act issued by ladies at the Finance Offices on order, with a 2% tax in the benefit of the municipality, is completely illegal. It is a terrible deprivation of the state for tax, which, for a non-living country, is devoid of purpose. Only the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, which does not have any public authority under the law, which means that its officials can not be paid from the budget, let alone directly, has paid 377 million EUR within four years of existence, of which 245 million EUR was paid for salaries of officials in net amounts to their transaction accounts after having presented to me as a natural person over 130,000.00 EUR of “tax” enforcement and an empty account of my company. Therefore, I quite rightly wonder who is the one who should be deprived of his capacity to work because he is not able to care for himself, as late as for his citizens?

The European Parliament and the Council provided companies with a redeeming of claims, which is not an activity based on the law, allowing a real predatory campaign across the country. The transfer of claims arising from commercial contracts is a tripartite contract concluded by companies that are commercially linked. I attach an example of posting a transfer of a claim that is missing in the main, that is, an entry of value added tax! The transfer of bank loans, other than claims arising from commercial contracts, is prohibited by law (Article 417 of the OZ), therefore such a repurchase of loans by Deutsche Bank and George Soros’s funds for the half the value completely unlawful. These are loans from banks granted to Slovenian companies, in which only interest is paid, which should have been paid in Slovenia. Banks do not pay value added tax for the disposal of outstanding receivables, while Deutsche Bank, which is a bank, is not a taxable person, but is not, in particular, a taxable person in Slovenia, which means that, for purchased receivables, of course, for 300%, does not pay value added tax. In this way, Deutsche Bank already destroyed the real estate market in the US in 2008, and George Soros’s funds destroyed the English Central Bank, so I will accuse to pay damages against all alleged purchasers of claims of natural and legal persons of the type “norwegian” B2 Capital doo, “swedish” DDM Invest VII AG, HETA doo, TCK doo, Ledava Investicije doo, Brinšek’s and Erzar Frančišk’s, whose operation is only possible with the help of court judges who are paid for this purpose in millions!

The financial industry, public authorities and politics have become the domain of organized crime caused by personal ethical collapse, professional incompetence and amorousness of politicians, which has resulted in crime that has been given a momentum that can no longer be stopped even if there were anyone who could. The financial needs of government parties, the desire of politicians for the influence and the capture of business for profit, have merged in a way that is ruinous for us! The evidence are received public payments from banks (the case of the Slovenian Hypo Alpe Adria Bank SC, which has received over 3,5 billion (!) EUR public payments since 2004, of which 1,33 EUR billion by the network operator was built with public money and it is the property of consumers whose separation was demanded by the EU and almost half a million euros by a small company Prlekija doo that manages water meters! Notwithstanding that the Austrian Hypo Alpe Adria Bank AG is in the corruption investigation for 15 years), which allegedly resulted in HETA Asset Resolution, a finance company doo, which is not an activity based on the law, with more than 235 million EUR of public payments by nearly all ministries, the government of the Republic of Slovenia and even Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia to which she paid taxes! For this reason, HETA can at any time submit a proposal for enforcement on real estate even for 20 years or more or proposal for bankruptcy of receivables that are not the subject of business and which have become obsolete, without the Slovenian judges trained with their eyes! That’s why I righteous wonder who these psychopaths who can not function team-building and do not know how to compose clicks, have given such power?

People who can emigrate from home ownership solely because they complain, they burn out that part of the brain in which moral brakes should be inserted. Continuingly advocating the theory that a psychopath is not even possible because people are programmed so that certain things are not able to do. Clearly, because they do not know any psychopath. The fact is that the psychopath is difficult to decipher. Hervey M. Cleckley, a pioneer in psychopathology research who studied psychopaths in prisons, as well as the president of the Higher Court in Ljubljana, Anton Panjan, who earned an extra 100,000 EUR without exploration, admitted that the psychopath recognized him only after he left his office by convincing him earlier to lend him five dollars. It only became clear to him then how he turned it around and that he would never see those five bucks again. The lesson of this is, of course, that anyone who gives money to anyone because he thinks he will get back, is fool! Nobody gives money because he would be a good soul, but because he expects to earn interest! That is why Slovenian police officers, prosecutors and judges who inflict beggars who are not able to repatriate stubborn interest to money launderers who constitute a crime and prohibit the wife and children from approaching her husband so that they can’t get into the house and forcibly share their property, are psychopaths! Unfortunately a lot of them are in Slovene politics, so they can be, of course, guided by EU officials. So much so that they even agree that the Carniolan sausage can also be Croatian and that the wine produced in Istria is Croatian, although Istria is a province in Croatia and Slovenia! Agricultural Minister Židan competed in the speed that, at the request of non-existent Austrian banks, the Agricultural Land Act was amended so that the administrative unit can ex officio approve a legal transaction, although forced sale of agricultural land is not a legal transaction or, at the request of a foreign bank, that 12 ha is not 12 ha but 4,8 ha, which is less than 5 ha and annulled the protected farm so that the court can sell it by piece on the proposal of the lawyer even though it does not have an administrative unit on the basis of the law applicable to the courts, no powers! Or, the Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Revenue and Records, which persistently records captured movable property that does not have any powers under the Enforcement and Insurance Act! In these cases, however, it is a matter of dividing the authorities into the legislative, judicial and executive authorities that control each other, which means that they can not order paid services!

At the beginning of the 1990s manipulators with people were udbovci, after 2004 they became institutions, judges, administrative units, agencies, centres for social work! The first was created by UDBA, the organization around which clusters formed in the meanings of the word. These clicks were linked by the fact that many people had bloody hands, so they had no way out! Others were created by the European Union! These new clicks are institutionalized. They act on life and death with a clique. They can not resort to a normal legal context because they are a priori stigmatized. The logic of action in this case is mafia. Mafia is not an organization. Mafia is a mentality. It is only in this way that the actions of the judges, such as the president of the District Court in Šentjur, Lidija Zidanšek, can be interpreted, which sold the family house of the alleged debtors Erlih Aleš half a year after the auction, which borrowed 90,000 EUR for this purpose; judge of the District Court in Ljubljana, Nataša Štefanec Pančur, who for 20 years after the lawsuit was filed against the heir of the plaintiff, due to the purchase of receivables Brinšek Branko, who has almost 10 million EUR of public payments together with his brother and his wife, or Erzar Frančiška, for 1/3 values sold a semi-detached house to Polona Omahen, an employee of the Labor Court, who could not earn such amount of money in a lawful manner, so she came to the court with a security guard; for 105,000 EUR after eight years sold the house to Oven Igor, who ordered to pay his debtor Bešenić Gregor, who has almost 500,000 EUR of public payments, but which he still did not pay, which means that the execution in question was time-barred; and the judge of the District Court in Ljubljana, Marta Sušin, who sold Igor Marne 17/24 houses due to the division of 7/24 by Marko Kušar, who was estimated at 202,01 new dinars (today – 0,00 EUR) in 1965 and also paid to his father and was not registered in the land register, which means they could not inherit them! With this, of course, the psychopathology of judges, executives, administrators, appraisers and paid lawyers who assist with police officers is different because they need one another. Their identity is fragile; it can only be confirmed in the context of the same ones, which is confirmed by the fact that they are mainly southerners and relatives, or even married to one another, as is the example of the executor of the Pušenjak Franc, who last year discharged the apartment of Anica Doma in Lendava, so she is unable to return home from Canada and was erased on June 15, 2018, who is married to the mayor of the County Court in Murska Sobota, Pušenjak Darinka. Their pathology is much worse because they are allegedly interested in big business and big houses!

In the case of judicial clicks, this is a deep ontological alliance. They have a permanent identity crisis, and therefore they are experiencing themselves in sadomasochistic practices, which they associate with existentialism. The common denominator of this click is psychologically strong enough to destroy citizens! A clique that destroys Slovenia is not only destroying it financially but also morally. Before that, they prepared the terrain by explaining to everyone that they were acting legally. With the help of the European Court of Human Rights in the case of Zehentner v. Austria, due to the sale of the ownership’s apartment in the amount of 420,000 EUR for 60,000 EUR, which is 1/7 of the value, by a non-recipient court known to the acquirer, to a company that is not a buyer under the law, allegedly due to the cost of a plumber at 7,440.00 EUR, and in reality due to the claim of an important lawyer in the amount of 2,150.00 EUR for the issuance of a payment order, which is not a legal act when, in place of the State Attorney’s Office, Austria was represented by Ambassador Trauttmansdorff, Head of the Department of International Law at the Austrian Foreign Ministry, that Mrs. Zehentner was damaged by 30,000 EUR, which can not be ascertained because the sales order that can not be contested was not served on him; but did not find that the judge was not a seller and that he could not order the sale of the property on the ground that it was not a dispute which became relevant to all 200,000 executives on movable and cash assets and 20,000 real estate auctions per year that can not be objected and which are never obsolete, which are all completely illegal!

The determination of limitation with a concrete instead of a general legal act (in Slovenia, this is the OZ), were introduced by the judges of the Court of Human Rights, who are in the case of Mrs. Emina Ališić, a German citizen, represented by a prominent German lawyer, was brought in 2008, when the judges concluded in a ruling in 2014 that a lawsuit which does not have a basis in the Convention because no action was brought against Slovenia is not recognized, based on the facts of 1989, which is 20 years before the lawsuit was filed and almost 30 years after the situation was established, because it was then. Lastly, Ališić had a cash in the amount of 129,874.00 DEM, raised in Bosnian stamps at the Sarajevo branch of LB in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovenia was charged in EUR because she had them! The problem, of course, lies in the fact that this case has become a school case for limitation, which is flexible and has been established by Slovenian judges since 2004 with concrete legal acts instead of on the basis of the law! Unlike interest, which are only contractual, but they are determined on the basis of a non-existent law! Or the example of Bernie Ecclestone, represented by a prominent German lawyer, in order to pay 1 million $ in favor of Bavaria, who can not be the recipient of a public benefit, bought that he was not processed! Because our legal system does not work, it is impossible to prove the illegality of their operations. That’s why I am more impressed by the thought that these criminals can still be punished in London. I expect the court in London to sue them because it will require evidence of the origin of assets that all these straw companies, executives and state authorities do not have!

I can not ignore the fact that such a purchase of real estate from a state paid to natural and legal persons who do not do business in billions of euros that they do not have and are virtual, monstrous money laundering! The police alone has almost 5 billion (!) EUR of public payments that they have not received, which means that they are illegal, of which 4.8 billion EUR for salaries that do not have a basis in the budget law, 20 million other payments (the executor Slavec Franko they paid over 1 million EUR, for extras they borrow from the bank) and only 7.5 million EUR for butcher, dairy and vegetable farmers who protest on the arrival of refugees, while protecting executives and administrators, using the argument for the protection of human rights, which has become the worst of the worst abuses, such as the call by the police union’s spokesman to silence the minds, but it is in fact for the transparent protection of the interests of one and the other clicks. Democracy in Slovenia is no longer the rule of the people. And human rights are not what they are supposed to be. Given that we are dealing with intelligent psychopathic individuals, it is clear that they and their lawyers will use the last straw not to be prosecuted while we are left without housing and no means of survival.

The enforcement cases in the following applicants have no substantive legal basis in the law, which means that the impugned decisions on execution issued ex officio, which are not legal acts, are irrelevant! On the basis of Article 153 of the Real-Law Code – the CPS, in the event that the debtor does not pay three annuities, the creditor must file a lawsuit that the property can be sold! Which, of course, means that a judge decides on the amount of the claim in the civil proceedings and does not enforce it. Since we can not object to orders that do not have a substantive legal basis, I request the UK Government for International Protection, hereinafter referred to 1047 natural and legal persons, which together have thousands of enforcement cases that can’t themselves resist the destruction brought about by the European Union the Union, therefore, want to Brexit it, and for legal and financial assistance to bring damages actions against the European Parliament and the Council of the EU, which have adopted destructive legal acts for us that are the basis for the plundering of property of Slovene citizens.

Date: 09.10.2018 Pavla Murekar

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