How trends in the EU have become evil

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Dear Ms Suella Braverman,

I also thought is an honor to work on the implementation of “technical” legislation into the Slovenian legal order I was working on since 2001. As I thought it required knowledge of the law, I started to study law to a degree in engineering (undergraduate, postgraduate, master’s, and doctoral studies) and was fired after 10 years of work at the Ministry of Economy because my superior did not understand that the subject of the transposition of the directive on 90-day oil reserves into the law is only the money that the state must provide for its purchase!

As Slovenia did not get rid of communism with independence, we were convinced that this would happen with the accession to the EU in 2004, so I had to bring my parents the flag of the European Union so that they could hang it together with Slovenian on 1 May 2004. My parents raised me in the belief that everything should be earned through work. So immediately after finishing my internship, I went to work on a project in Iraq. My container was so close to the battlefield that every cannon grenade shook it. Later, I worked on the pipe break for the Karavanke tunnel and then on a project in East Germany and Russia at the Sochi Airport.

After returning to Slovenia, my salary in dinars was worth barely a thousand marks. Nevertheless, I managed to buy an apartment in Ljubljana and furnish it, where I have lived since 1992. The court sold my apartment for half the price to the Šumer Ltd, paid for that by 25 million EUR, the state doesn’t have. The purchase price was transferred to my transaction account, which was burdened with executions of fines of 127,750 EUR and collected by my brother’s wife’s lawyer Tanja Koračin Bohar, paid by the state by 1 million EUR! At the behest of the court, the bailiff evicted me in June 2018 and discarded the whole equipment of the apartment just to show they could do, whatever they want.

Studying law gave me a comparative insight into the legal, contractual, and political frameworks of the EU, which is destructive for nations like the Slovenes. The conditions under which the EU rules are unacceptable. Any prime minister in Slovenia first benefited himself, leaving the citizens to their own devices. I share the fate I experienced by myself with thousands of citizens of the Republic of Slovenia losing the roof over their heads every day. Slovenian courts have two thousand auctions a month, which they impose at a ridiculous price on the relatives of the alleged debtors and especially for this purpose established legal entities with hundreds of millions of public payments, which the state does not have.

Slovenia does not have a party that would be able to take responsibility for improving our lives. Therefore, I ask you to dedicate the tendency, to reward the efforts of ordinary people, to enable compassion and to liberate people from state shackles, to us, Slovenes and other citizens of Slovenia, who cannot survive without your help.


With respect,



for executed citizens of Slovenia,

Pavla Murekar